Egea Bookshop


Egea Card



1. You can pick the Egea Card for free at Egea Bookshop main counter.

2. Egea grants a special 10% discount on the main part of Italian and foreign books to all Card owners. The Card discount can not be applied to the books that are already part of special promotions.

3. With every purchase of € 2,00 (on a single receipt) Egea Card owners collect 1 point. On every receipt you find your points total and the amount of points you can immediately make use of.

5. These points do not have an expiration date, and are automatically converted in an amount of money. This amount can be deducted from the following purchase, starting from a minimum of 10 points (= € 0,50). Using them you can buy whatever you like, apart from phone recharge, services (Smartbox) and tickets for concert.

6. You can collect your points purchasing goods, but also attending to events promoted by Egea.

7. In case of loss, an Egea Card duplicate will cost €1,00. All your points will be transferred on to the new one.