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The purchases are covered by the right to return and refund as defined by 15/01/1992 n. 50. Those willing to exercise this right may do so writing - within ten days of the delivery of the product - a "raccomandata" (signed-for) letter stating their intention to exercise such right. EGEA will provide the necessary support to satisfy customers, helping them to return the product and (when applicable) replacing it.

This communication should be sent to:
EGEA S.p.A. - Via Sarfatti, 25 - 20136 Milano

Specifying the product to which the right to return and refund is applied and the relevant details for the wire transfer. In order to be refunded customers must return to EGEA the product together with a copy of the shipping and accompanying documents. EGEA will refund the relevant amount within 30 days of the return of the product.

In the case of a product to be replaced, EGEA will cover the delivery fees. In the case of digital products (i.e. PDF, ePub, Multimedia books and Exercises) the right to return and refund terminates as soon as the file is downloaded or the alphanumeric access key to the MyBook area is used.

If the file is corrupted, customers are entitled to a refund.
For more information please contact the Ufficio Diffusione: tel: +39.02.5836.5752 e-mail: