Egea Bookshop

About us

Egea is a publishing company controlled by Bocconi University. Founded in 1988 in order to promote and spread the Academic culture in Economics and Business, it has  strengthen its position proposing Higher Education Textbooks & Researches, Long-life Learning, Professional, Trade and Non-fiction, increasing its offer and enlarging its audience.
Today Egea can offer a catalogue with more then 1.300 titles, 900 digital products and 4 magazines.

In the Higher Education area, Egea is significantly investing in innovation and services, differentiating its contents and output forms (paper, digital/paper, multimedia additional resources, exercises, custom publishing, etc.) and keeping quality and cultural relevance as its utmost priority.

Our Trade and Non-fiction offer covers all the most important Subjects - ranging from Geopolitics, Economics, History of Ideas, Sociology and Politics to the most  adventurous, controversial, paradigmatic Business cases, or to thought-provoking contributions on Digital Culture and other Socio-Economic  phenomena - in order to develop the attitude to  thinking, reflecting and investigating, without breaking the intimate linkage between History and Innovation.

Under the BUP (Bocconi University Press) imprint, Egea aims to offer qualified contents to the debate on the social sciences, with highly informative texts of national and international relevance, in Italian and English.

The Egea editorial system also includes a bookshop - one of the largest independent bookstores in Italy- with a wide selection of Academic, Professional, Non-fiction and Fiction books in Italian and English.

Board of Directors

Dott.ssa Mirka Giacoletto Papas

Dott. Riccardo Taranto

Board Members
Prof. Francesco Billari
Prof.ssa Paola Dubini
Prof. Francesco Giavazzi

Scientific Advisory Board

Francesco Giavazzi

Arnstein Aassve (Università Bocconi)
Oriana Bandiera  (London School of Economics)
Emilio Barucci (Politecnico di Milano)
Andrea Biondi (Kings college London)
Simona Botti (London Business School)
Barbara Caputo (Politecnico di Torino)
Lucio Caracciolo (Libera università internazionale degli studi sociali Guido Carli)
Marta Cartabia (Università Bocconi)
Alessandra Casella (Columbia University)
Francesco Drago (Università degli Studi di Catania)
Paola Dubini (Università Bocconi)
Alessandra Fogli (University of Minnesota)
Alfonso Gambardella  (Università Bocconi)
Veronica Guerrieri (University of Chicago)
Pierre Jacob (École normale supérieure Paris)
Marco Pagano (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II)
Ivana Pais (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano)
Paola Profeta (Università Bocconi)
Alberto Martinelli (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Nicola Rossi (Università degli studi Roma Tre)
Jacques Rupnik (Sciences Po, Paris)
Beppe Soda (Dean Sda Bocconi)
Eleanor Spaventa (Università Bocconi)
Gianmario Verona (Università Bocconi)