Egea Bookshop

About us

EGEA is a publishing company controlled by Bocconi University.

EGEA was established in 1988 in order to promote and disseminate academic culture in the fields of economics and business studies. Over time, it broadened its mission, developing effective tools for researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Furthermore, under the imprint Università Bocconi Editore, EGEA aims to offer the best of cultural industry, publishing rigorous contributions to the social science debate, high-quality popular science books for the Italian as well as international public.

The EGEA editorial system also includes a bookshop with a wide selection of academic, professional, non-fiction and foreign books.

EGEA employs ca. 30 professionals, with different backgrounds and skills in the various areas of activity of the company.

In line with the policies of Bocconi university, Egea has its own Ethical Code and complies with the guidelines set by 231/2001 law.

Board of Directors

Prof. Luigi GUATRI


Board Members
Prof.ssa Paola DUBINI - Dott. Ricardo Franco LEVI - Prof. Piergaetano MARCHETTI - Dott. Bruno PAVESI - Prof. Gianmario VERONA

Scientific-editorial Committee

Prof. Piergaetano MARCHETTI (Università Bocconi)


Prof. Franco AMATORI (Università Bocconi)
Prof. Franco BRUNI (Università Bocconi)
Prof. Francesco DAVERI (SDA Bocconi)
Prof. Giovanni DE LUNA (Università di Torino)
Prof. Juan Carlos DE MARTIN (Politecnico di Torino)
Prof.ssa Alessandra DEL BOCA (Università di Brescia)
Prof. Alfonso GAMBARDELLA (Università Bocconi)
Prof. Enrico LAGHI (Università La Sapienza)
Prof. Alberto MARTINELLI (Università di Milano)
Prof. Marcello MESSORI (Università Luiss)
Prof.ssa Ivana PAIS (Università Cattolica di Milano)
Prof.ssa Gabriella PRAVETTONI (Università di Milano)
Prof. Giuseppe SODA (Dean SDA Bocconi)
Prof. Gianmario VERONA (Rettore Università Bocconi) Invitato permanente
Prof.ssa Nadia URBINATI (Columbia University)


EGEA's Scientific-Editorial Committee ratified EGEA's review policies to assess the scientific value of its own publications.
A unique case in Italy, EGEA implements formal review policies in line with international best practices and makes them available to the Italian academic community.