Egea Bookshop
Books change: print and digital coexist, are enhanced by multimedia contents and become something to be experienced. There are more and more mobile reading devices and the reading experience becomes richer and richer.
Egea publishes digital books as PDF and ePub files, multimedia books, apps and streamed books.

Before purchasing a digital book you should know that:
ePub and PDF files available on Egeaonline can be read on a computer (PC or MAC), eBook readers (but not Kindle) and other mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, iPod, iPad). 

Is the content of eBooks the same as the print version of the books? 
It depends. In some instances eBooks may include additional multimedia contents; in any case they always include the whole content of the print version.

What is an ePub file? 
ePub is a specific format to develop and publish eBooks and is indeed considered a standard and universal format. ePub is a "liquid" format: the content is typeset according to the chosen font size and type and/or the format of the reader device. ePub is the recommended format for reading on eBook readers, smartphones and tablets.

What is a PDF file?
PDF is a widely used format which accurately reproduces the printed page. It is not recommended to read PDF files on small screens.

What is the difference between ePub and PDF files?
The main difference lies in the typesetting system: dynamic in the case of ePub files (the number of pages varies depending on font size or the screen used to read the file), stable in the case of PDF files (the paper size adapts to the screen size).

How can I read the eBooks that I purchased on Egeaonline? 
On a computer (PC / MAC) using the free program Adobe Digital Editions. Create an Adobe ID, install the software, insert your user and password and download the ebook.
On a PC installing a Windows or Linux OS, using Calibre
On an iPhone and iPad, using the free app Bluefire Reader.
On one of the many eBook readers available on the market. 

Are the eBooks available on Egeaonline protected by DRM? What is DRM?
DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a system to protect the copyright of digital contents. Egeaonline offers eBooks protected by Adobe DRM or watermark-protected.

How do the DRM-protected books work?
The eBooks protected by Adobe DRM make it possible to read the purchased eBooks on up to six devices authorized by the same Adobe ID (which can be obtained by registering on the Adobe website or through Adobe Digital Editions). eBooks protected by an Adobe DRM cannot be printed, copied or modified.

What is a watermark? 
A watermark is a system for the protection of digital contents that does not limit the usage of the file but contains some data that identify the purchaser. Watermark-protected eBooks are not subject to the same restrictions as the eBooks protected by Adobe DRM but are nonetheless subject to copyright laws and therefore cannot be disseminated, copied or reproduced but for personal use.

Can I read the eBooks available on Egeaonline with my Kindle? 
Kindle does not support eBooks protected by Adobe DRM (acs4); instead it can read watermark-protected PDF.
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